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This is the Hero Fighter OP Mobile Legends which is constantly revamped but still fails

Here is a fighter op hero in Mobile Legends who is constantly revamped by Moonton but still fails to enter the meta or is relied on by players, who is he?

Of the many heroes in Mobile Legends, there is one hero that gets the most revamps from Moonton.

The hero has a fighter role, the ability is quite op, but there are several reasons why players don’t like to play this hero.

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Who is the failed hero and why is he being revamped by Moonton?


Freya mobile legends
Photo via IzzyCrown

She is Freya, in total Freya has received approximately 4 times the revamp and that number will certainly increase in the future.

This can be concluded from Freya itself which is not popular and reliable in the current meta even though it has been revamped many times.

This one fighter hero is indeed quite special, Freya is included in one of the veteran fighters who used to be very liked by the players.

Even in the past Freya was the only Mobile Legends hero that could only be purchased using diamonds, how special this fighter hero is.

But unfortunately Freya can’t adjust to the meta that keeps changing every season, as a result until now she’s not seen again.


Even though Moonton kept giving him a revamp but still, Freya didn’t enter the meta game. Either the revamp is wrong or Freya herself is unreliable.

That’s the fighter op hero in Mobile Legends, which is constantly revamped but still fails and is not relied on by the players.

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