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This is the explanation of RRQ Banana Up to MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

This time the MPL ID Season 10 tournament is past its fourth week. There have been changes that have occurred with the transfer of existing updates. this time the explanation of RRQ Banana Up to MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

Indeed, the RRQ team itself has not shown the maximum performance they have given for several weeks of MPL ID Season 10. With the decline in performance, they also made an overhaul.

This time there is an explanation about RRQ Banana being promoted to MPL. Of course, we will discuss this this time in the article below, see the following.

This is the Explanation of RRQ Banana Up To MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

Through the official YouTube from Team RRQ, this time they discussed the match they played in MPL ID Season 10 week 4 together with Coach RRQ Fiel and Pak AP. This time they gave an explanation about the promotion for RRQ Banana.

“We are promoting Banana, the discussion is also long, there is a reason, R7 has been married for a long time.” Say Mr AP

“We are all thinking carefully, why did Banana go up, it’s like we also provide a new atmosphere too, we also see that Banana is able to go up to MPL.” Fiel said

This time they explained that the RRQ team itself had carefully decided to raise or promote RRQ Banana to MPL this time. this is indeed the right thing for them to think about for the team of course. But it has not produced results with the matches they lived in week 4 yesterday.

That’s the explanation about RRQ Banana being raised or promoted to MPL together with RRQ Hoshi this time. What do you think about their response this time?