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This is the Explanation of the New Talent System in Mobile Legends!

This is the Explanation of the New Talent System in Mobile Legends!

Maybe some of you already know that there will be a new talent system in Mobile Legends.

This system will change the whole game because this system has a different function from the current emblem in Mobile Legends.

This makes you need to learn a little about the new talent system in Mobile Legends.

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In a video some time ago, Mobile Legends gave a little explanation about the new talent system. And here is the full explanation from SPIN Esports.

Mobile Legends New Talent System

Mobile Legends New Talent
source: YT MLBB

It is explained that there will be 6 Fixed Attributes in the new talent system, namely:

  • Solid Defense: Shield (suitable for defense)
  • Fearless Assault: Sword (suitable for long-range battles)
  • Swift Blast: Dagger (suitable for heroes with large bursts)
  • Arcane Magic: Staff (suitable for poke damage heroes)
  • Buff and Support: Orb (suitable for support heroes)
  • Precise Shot: Bow (suitable for heroes who use basic attacks)

So, in general, talent will be divided into 6 categories, each of which has its own advantages. But of course you can also use what you want to try something out. Although there is already a guide regarding the advantages of each Fixed Attribute.

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In addition, of course you can add three talents for each Fixed Attribute. There are regular attribute talent, regular skill talent and core talent.

Regular Attribute Talent

source: YT MLBB

You could say this is additional stats for your hero when using certain Fixed Attributes, and of course there will be 7 options that you can choose, such as Attack Speed ​​& Crit Chance, Adaptive Attack and others.

Talent Skills Regular

source: YT MLBB

The second is not an attribute but a basic skill, you could say a kind of passive skill like that of a hero. There are 7 options for regular skills, namely Weapon Master, Bargain Hunter and others.

Talent Core

source: YT MLBB

Third, there is a Talent Core or you could say it’s like a skill on an emblem such as the Festival of Blood.

There will be 10 choices on talent cores that you can use, some can be active skills such as Cosmic Blitz, can also be in the form of passive skills such as Killing Spree.

Of course, you can still see some of the previous emblem skills, one of which is Killing Spree, which is indeed popular as one of the skills of the Assassin emblem.

That’s a further explanation of the new talent system in Mobile Legends. Do you feel that this new system is too complicated or is it just plain and no different? You can write in the comments column, yes Spinners.

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