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This is the Cause of Android Applications Suddenly Stopping / Force Close And How To Fix It

This is the reason why applications on Android suddenly stop/force close and how to fix it – For those of you Android users, you must have experienced problems with applications or games on Android that often come out on their own or suddenly stop. And usually if that happens a notification will appear like this “Unfortunately the App has Stopped“Surely you will feel annoyed and irritated, don’t you experience something like that?. Just once or twice may not be a problem. But just imagine if the application on Android often suddenly comes out on its own. Of course you will try to find out what causes and solutions to solve this problem. overcome applications that often exit alone or force close.

This is the Cause of Android Applications Suddenly Stopping / Force Close And How To Fix It

Fortunately, in this article, we will discuss what causes the Android application to stop itself and also how to overcome the application that stops itself. So, read the article to the end.

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Some of the causes of Android applications experiencing force close or closing by itself:

In every problem that occurs, of course, there is a cause. Therefore, here are some of the reasons why Android applications often come out by themselves.

the cause of the android application exits by itself / force close

Cache files or temporary data from you browsing or installing an application if you don’t clean it often, of course it will result in the application being run heavy or slow. So this will cause the application to close by itself.

For the solution method, you can clear the cache of the application that you want to delete. By entering the menu Settings app manager application name then select clear cache.

By doing this, of course, it will be more effective because we can get rid of useless garbage or cache piles.

  • The application is not compatible with the device

The type of application that is not suitable or not compatible with your smartphone device can also be the cause of the application closing by itself. For example, if the android version you are using, for example, is still using the android lollipop version, while the application only supports the marshmallow android version, of course it will cause the application to exit by itself.

  • RAM is small and already full

If you use RAM with a small capacity, it would be nice not to install too many applications because with so many installed applications this will cause the phone’s performance to be heavy so that it can cause a force close or exit by itself.

  • Internet connection is slow or slow

Do not open applications or games if the network conditions are really bad because it is useless, besides being slow, it can also cause the application to not be opened or will exit by itself because the time required for the connection runs out.

How to deal with applications that experience force close or exit by themselves:

If you already know what causes the application to suddenly stop by itself. Then the next is about how to overcome it. So, to solve the problem above, you can try the steps below.

  • update or update the application : The goal is so that the application does not crash or be damaged which can cause the application loading process to fail.

how to solve the application exit by itself / force close on android
  • Clear Application data: different from deleting applications because by deleting data we only lose temporary data of the application such as cache, history, database, bookmarks, and so on.

how to fix an app that closes by itself
  • Reset your smartphone: This method is the last resort if you can’t or still fail to solve the problem. A factory reset or factory reset will result in all the data on your smartphone being lost, and the condition of the phone will return to the way it was when you first bought it. Do a backup of your important files if you want to do a factory reset or factory data reset.
solution to overcome the application force close / stop suddenly

That’s some how to deal with android applications that often come out by themselves. Hopefully it can be useful for you, if it is useful it would be nice if you share this article with your other friends so they can know it too. Thank you and thank you for visiting.

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