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Things Missed in Indonesia from Chicken Mobile Legends (ML)

In the MPL ID Season 10 performance for 4 weeks witnessed by an American team, namely BTK. They watched every MPL team’s match this time. The following are things that are missed in Indonesia from Chicken Mobile Legends (ML)

Three players from BTK or BloodThirstyKings namely Mobazane, Victor and FWFDCHICKEN they will come to Indonesia this time. BTK itself has indeed become one of the dark horses for the M3 World Championship some time ago.

Those who will return to their original place in the near future, this time, Chicken gives what makes him miss Indonesia. Of course, it is also interesting to discuss this time, see the following article.

Things Missed in Indonesia from Chicken Mobile Legends (ML)

Through a livestream on FwydChickn’s personal YouTube channel, this time he did a livestream as the last day in Indonesia this time. they had previously come to Indonesia since the beginning of MPL ID Season 10 began. This time there is a response from Chicken about things that will be missed in Indonesia.

“What is missing in Indonesia? Being known, being asked to take pictures, it’s something to be missed. Not much, I’m not bothered for attention, it’s just nice.”

According to Chicken, this time he thought that by coming to Indonesia he missed him because he was known here and many asked for a photo together. As we all know, in their home country, the United States, for esports, Mobile Legends is still not getting enough attention there, so it is not as popular as in Indonesia.

That’s the explanation of Chicken about what things will be missed in Indonesia this time. What do you think about what Chicken said?