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These are all Starlight September MLBB 2022 Skin Rewards, what are they?

These are all Starlight September MLBB 2022 Skin Rewards, what are they?

The Starlight September 2022 Mobile Legends skin is confirmed to belong to Atlas. The official trailer has been announced by Mobile Legends today, August 25, 2022. You can just watch it below.

Atlas himself is one of the best-selling roamer heroes at the moment, even though it’s not the main one because there are several other heroes like Franco.

However, the Frozen effect he got on the patch some time ago made it easier for this hero to do Fatal Link.

This makes Atlas also one of the counters for Franco’s heroes and good teamfight heroes when used as an initiator.

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Starlight Rewards September 2022

For Atlas users, especially those who want to buy the Starlight, here are all the rewards you can get when you buy the Starlight in September.

source: YT MLBB
  • Khufra Painted Skin (level 10)
  • Basic Random Skin (level 20)
  • Starlight Gems (level 30)
  • Atlas Emotes (level 40)
  • Franco’s Sacred Statue (level 60)

And of course besides Atlas you can choose four other Starlight skins if you don’t want Atlas’s newest Starlight skin, namely:

source: YT MLBB
  • Pharsa “Peony Bloom”
  • Guinevere “Lotus”
  • Clint “Rock n Roll”
  • Hayabusa “Biological Weapons”

How’s the reward? So good, do you want to buy the Starlight skin later in September 2022?

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