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These are 3 Benefits of Balmond When Made Jungler in Mobile Legends!

These are 3 Benefits of Balmond When Made Jungler in Mobile Legends!

Although it had been forgotten for the past few months, now Balmond jungler has begun to reappear in the Land of Dawn.

Interestingly, the hero has also started performing at an event as big as MPL ID Season 10, with Alberttt recently using the hero to silence ONIC Esports and BTR Alpha.

Therefore, here are 3 advantages of using Balmond as a jungler in Mobile Legends.

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Like Having 2 Retries

Balmond Jungler
Photo via MPL ID

One of the most important things when playing the role of a jungler is securing as many objectives as possible including against turtles and lords.

By using Balmond, it’s like having 2 retrievals where the hero’s Lethal Counter (Ultimate) is able to help him secure existing objectives such as using retrieval.

Endless Lifesteal

Balmond Jungler 1
Photo via MPL I

Another advantage when using the Balmond jungler is that the hero has a very high lifesteal like it’s endless.

This will certainly be an advantage if later you get ganking from your opponent when using the hero.

Easy Rotation

Balmond 2
Photo via MPL ID

Balmond can be said to be one of the heroes who is quite fast in doing jungling in Mobile Legends.

This of course can help you easily and quickly in rotation so that it can help other lanes, both to the exp lane and to the gold lane.

So, those are the 3 advantages that you can get when using Balmond Jungler in Mobile Legends. Interested in trying, Spinners?

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