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These are the 12 Teams That Passed The International 11

Just counting the days to The International 11 2022 in Singapore. Currently, there are 12 esports teams that have qualified The International 11 and get direct invitation. Who are the teams?

Arlington Major 2022 is the last tournament for Esports teams to get DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) Points. Of the teams that competed, 12 of them got direct tickets to be able to participate The International 11 without having to fight again.

What are DPC Points?

DPC Points at a glance, DPC Points are points that each team has esports who competed in the DPC Tournament. To get it, at least the team must be in 7th or 8th rank. The higher the rank, the more points you collect.

12 Qualified Teams The International 11

  1. PSG.LGD (2240 ​​Points)
  2. OG (1930 Points)
  3. Team Spirit (1810 Points)
  4. Beastcoast (1810 Points)
  5. Team Aster (1610 Points)
  6. Thunder Awaken (1540 Points)
  7. BOOM Esports (1482 Points)
  8. TSM (1380 Points)
  9. Tundra Esports (1212 Points)
  10. Gaimin Gladiator (1130 Points)
  11. Evil Geniuses (1052 Points)
  12. Fnatic (1020 Points)

More details, can be seen from the photo below:

It’s an encouraging thing for Fnatic because at first he was in 13th position. 12th position was occupied by Outsider with 1020.05 points, only 0.05 points difference. However, with Valve’s latest policy, eliminating decimal places in every DPC Points earned, Outsiders must drop to position 13.

This news is also sad for Outsiders because they have to take part in regional qualifications to be able to participate The International 11 in Singapore.

When The International 11 Started?

The International 11 will be held in Singapore from 8-30 October 2022. For round Playoffs will be held at the Suntec Convention Center. Whereas for Final or Grand Final will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

For those of you who want to watch The International 11, seems to have to spend a bit deep. The reason is, the tickets have been sold out and some of them are brokers. Taking advantage of the enthusiasm of DOTA 2 fans, they bought up a lot of tickets and resold them at high prices.

Those are the 12 DOTA 2 esports teams that qualified directly for The International 11. Congratulations to Fnatic and BOOM Esports for being representatives Southeast Asia. For those of you who want to directly support, make sure you think about it carefully~