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Themed 5th Anniversary, Get a Free Universe Shatter FF Backpack Here!

Themed 5th Anniversary, Get Free Universe Shatter FF Backpack Here!

One of the events where players can get diamonds as well as skin prizes or Free Fire (FF) items for free is at the top up bonus event.

Only by topping up Free Fire diamonds within a certain period of time, you can get various cool Free Fire items and skins for free.

However, if you want to get a gift from a Free Fire diamond top up, you should first pay attention to some of the prizes that you might get.

Because the top up bonus always provides various prizes based on the size of the diamond we top up. So, in addition to getting purchased diamonds, you also have the opportunity to get some gifts to collect.

Like the top up bonus event this time, bringing a Backpack Universe Shatter FF skin that you can get in the following way!

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Backpack Universe Shatter FF

As leaked by Rido Odiri in his short video upload on YouTube Kulgar, in the upcoming top up bonus event there will be a cool backpack and also a free bonus Incubator Voucher.

For the backpack that will be a gift is a special themed backpack edition 5th Free Fire Anniversary which is currently the main event.

And the most important thing is that there is a free x10 Incubator Voucher as the main prize that you shouldn’t miss. The reason is, the latest Free Fire has brought the Berserk Reptilia and XM8 Evil Pumpkin bundles as Incubator skins.

You can get both of these items at once by topping up a diamond of 300 diamonds or you can also follow the method below:

  • Make a Top Up worth at least 300 Diamonds.
  • Visit the Events Tab In-game Events>Top Up Bonus.
  • Click “Fetch”.
  • Cool Backpack Gifts and Free Vouchers will go directly to your Vault/Collection.

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That’s information about a free event by top up diamond FF. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.