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The Role Evos Sutsujin Wants in Mobile Legends (ML)

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament this time has held the fourth week of matches. Each player also performed brilliantly during the fourth week. This time the role that Evos Sutsujin wants in Mobile Legends (ML).

Sutsujin as the player who gave a surprise in MPL ID Season 10 this time. He has become a substitute for Ferxiic as a jungler for Evos Legends with several matches he has played.

This time the Evos Legends jungler wants to play this role. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following explanation in the article below.

The Role Evos Sutsujin Wants in Mobile Legends (ML)

Through Zeys’ YouTube channel, while doing a livestream with the head coach with Evos Legends, this time Sutsujin answered several questions from Zeys and the fans. This time Sutsujin answered the question of what role he wanted other than a jungler.

“Mid, (Were you Goldlane?) I didn’t want my role before, (do you want to swap with Tazz?) I want it. (Must swap?) I think it should be because I want to play mid.”

According to Sutsujin, this time he wants to play as a midlaner for Evos Legends. This was also conveyed directly to the coach, Zeys this time for Evos Legends. So can this happen in the future? Later, Sutsujin will swap roles with Tazz who has roles as jungler and Midlaner.

That’s Sutsujin’s explanation about the role he wants in Evos Legends this time. What do you think if Sutsujin later becomes the midlaner for Evos Legends?