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The Right Way to Save Instagram Videos and Photos on Android

By philanthropist

26 Aug, 2022

Save Instagram videos and photos – We already know the many benefits of using the Instagram application in general, such as viewing, posting videos and photos that we want. You can find various types of photos and videos in the search menu on Instagram. Simply by writing what you like, options will appear related to what you wrote. But it would be nice if you could use this application with positive things, of course this application will have a very good impact such as by viewing the latest news updates, looking for tourist recommendation places, finding out the latest discount prices, culinary food reviews and much more. depending on how you use this application.
Now from the various benefits as mentioned above, maybe some people are still wondering how to save videos and photos from an Instagram account on Android. Because saving photos and videos for some people can be a goal for collection or something that might be used as a motivation. Because you can like this type of video, so whenever you want to play it, you just have to open it in your gallery without having to search other people’s profiles first. And of course this can be done so that we don’t waste time and can also save on internet quota.
Because the Instagram application itself does not provide an option to save types of photos and videos. So it is appropriate if you read this article to the end.
Not only one but there are several types of applications that are scattered in the application store to help you download Instagram photos and videos on Android, but here we will use only one application which is arguably very easy to use. In addition, this application is also complete. Why is it complete? because this application has 3 features at once, namely it can save images, save videos and can also repost videos and photos. The application is called insta downloader.
How to save photos or videos on instagram with insta download
First download the application insta download on google play store, then if it has been downloaded, then install the application. To see what the insta download application looks like, you can immediately see in the image below.
insta download instagram

Open your Instagram application, then open the photo or video that you want to save. If you have specify photo or video which will downloaded press the symbol option such as the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Then later an option will appear, you choose Copy URL. As in picture below.
copy instagram URL
Next, after we copy the URL, now open the insta download application, then pay attention to the blank form box that says Enter or Paste a URL at the top. After that Paste the URL link earlier in the empty form box by selecting
paste. Next, a video will appear from the results of your copy of the link earlier. Now it’s time to save videos with save video option then download. For more details, you can see directly in the image below.

insta download app view

The download process will run and you can see it on the insta download application on the menu tab recent or by way (swipe left).
Insta download app recent tab display
That’s how to save instagram photos and videos on android. Hopefully you can easily understand and thank you for taking your time to read this article. Of course, this method can be directly shared with your friends by clicking the share button at the bottom.

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