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The Right Way to Overcome Failed to Copy Paste Iso Files to Flashdisk

Overcoming Failed to Copy Paste Iso Files to Flashdisk – Flashdisk or other names are also called USB flash drive (UFD) is an external data storage medium that is very simple, because in addition to its small and varied shape, flash drives are also portable, we can easily take it anywhere. Although in terms of its function, it is similar to a hard drive, which is both as a data storage medium on a computer. However, unlike hard drives, flash drives are non-volatile, which means they can store data even when there is no electricity.
Flashdisk is also a device that is prone to damage. Therefore, to protect the flash from being damaged, it is necessary to take good care. things that need to be done, among others, by scanning regularly and when removing or removing the flash it is recommended to use a safe remove. This aims to avoid the remaining data or has not been written from the memory cache to the flash.

Flash has the function of storing and transferring data, flash also supports various data formats and transfers files in large sizes. In addition to the above functions, the flash can also be used to run various portable applications from the flash. For example, portable Firefox applications, portable openoffice, portable GIMP and so on.

However, if you have experienced a failure when transferring files because it may be from unsupported data or because the file size is too large. So it would be nice to read this article carefully to the end.
So when you buy a new flash, for example, buy it at a store, by default, this flash is formatted with the file system FAT32. The word FAT in this file system stands for File Allocation Table. One of the advantages of the FAT32 file system is that it provides a larger drive size of up to 2 terabytes. However, the downside of this FAT32 file system is that it does not support large files or can only accommodate files with a maximum size of only 4GB. If when copying a file, for example, copying a 4.67GB file, even more so if the file is in iso format, even though the storage on the flash drive is actually still fit to accommodate the file. But still the flash will not accept the file.

Usually the notification that often appears if friends fail when copying and pasting the iso file is as shown below:

files too large

It’s actually quite easy to deal with something like this. It would be nice before doing this step to first move the files that are considered important from the storage space on the flash, because the only way we have to do is format this flash.
Now if the flash is ready, the steps are as follows:

1. Plug the flash drive into the usb port of your favorite laptop or computer

removable disk

2. After the flash appears right click on the flash and select format. As in the image below.

3. Then the file system section will appear FAT32(Default)in this option replace by selecting the file system with the format NTFS.
Then if you have check the quick format sectionafter that just click start. For more details on this step, see the image below.

4. Then wait until the process is complete and ends with complete.

After doing the steps above successfully, now friends can copy and paste files that are more than 4GB in size and are in iso format.