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The Reason You Should Pick Balmond When Push Rank Mobile Legends

Balmond the weakest fighter hero? Who said, here are 3 reasons why you must pick Balmond, when you are in the middle or want to push rank Mobile Legends.

Balmond is one of the forgotten veteran fighter heroes in Mobile Legends at this time, even though his abilities are still reliable.

Now about that, SPIN Esports has several reasons why you should pick Balmond when you are pushing Mobile Legends rank.

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Flexible Hero

Causes of Long Loading Mobile Legends

The first reason is because the very flexible Balmond can be played anywhere. Starting from the role offlaner, goldlaner to jungler all can be played by Balmond quite easily and of course effectively.

This kind of ability is only a few heroes who master it, therefore you must pick this one fighter hero.

Fast Rotation

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Having skills 2 and 3 that can clear minions quickly makes Balmond rotate anywhere quickly too.

Not to mention skill 1 he can make a dash far enough so that Balmond will continue to be present during the war.

Early to Late Consistent Strong

Balmond mobile legends
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Finally, the ability that only a few heroes have is the consistent amount of damage from the early to the late game. That’s what makes Balmond so terrible.

That’s the reason why you have to pick Balmond when you push rank in Mobile Legends, a non-popular hero but quite op.

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