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The Reason Why Clint Is The Scariest MM Hero in Goldlane

The Reason Why Clint Is The Scariest MM Hero in Goldlane

You could say goldlane is currently the most decisive lane when the game enters the late game.

The reason is, the heroes who play a role in the lane are expected to be damage dealer especially when the game is very tough.

No wonder now marksman are excellent to play this role considering they are able to inflict enormous damage when entering the late game, one of which is Clint.

Therefore, here are three reasons why Clint is now the most terrible hero in Goldlane.

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Has Great Damage

source: Mobile Legends

Currently Clint can be said to be one of the heroes underrated because many players had more Beatrix and Wanwan.

Even though the damage produced by Clint is quite large and is not inferior to the two heroes because he is able to issue burst damage continuously thanks to his passive.

Have Skill Dash

hero counter clint

One of the weaknesses of some MM heroes in Mobile Legends is that they don’t have dash skills as a mechanism to save themselves or chase opponents.

Uniquely, Clint’s dash skill through his 2nd skill is able to give a CC effect to his opponent.

Have a Very OP Passive

Clint ML
source: Mobile Legends

Another advantage of Clint is that the hero has a passive which is arguably too OP.

The reason is, every time he issues a skill, the attack distance will increase and strengthen basic attack the hero.

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