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The Reason for Joy's Potential as a Broken Hero in Mobile Legends!

The Reason for Joy’s Potential as a Broken Hero in Mobile Legends!

A new hero seems to be coming to Mobile Legends soon. The information circulating that Joy will be present in September 2022, but the latest news in that month will be that there will be two revamp heroes, Lesley and Gusion. So, just wait for the news of the arrival of this hero later.

Well, talking about hero Joy, there is the potential that this hero will become a broken hero. It can be said to be similar to Harith when it was first released in Mobile Legends. What are the reasons that make this hero a broken hero?

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The reason Joy has the potential to become a Broken Mobile Legends hero

There are several reasons that make Joy a broken hero later when released if there are no changes to her skills.

Strong Immune

First there is a strong immune, indeed this can happen when he dashes. But this can be triggered as 5x, you can imagine 2 Chou skill but it can be used as 5x more, of course it will be very OP.

Have Free Purify

In addition to skill 2 which gives immunity, when Joy uses ultimate she has a free purify that makes her free from CC effects except Suppress.

Of course this will be very useful when you are targeted by Hook Franco or others, although only once of course this will be very useful during a teamfight.

Instead of being curious, just check the video below.

What do you think? Will Joy really be a broken hero in the future? You could say the skill is quite similar to Harith because it has a lot of dashes, especially from skill 2 when hit by a target, not to mention the ultimate which allows him to move quickly while dealing damage.

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