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The Most Popular Mobile Legends Physical Attack Items, Must Buy!

The Most Popular Mobile Legends Physical Attack Items, Must Buy!

In addition to Magic items, Physical items are no less popular because they are needed by many heroes. Most Marksman heroes also usually use Physical items.

Well, talking about this item, it turns out that there are many Physical Attack items that are popular and often used by pro players in Mobile Legends. What are those items?

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Popular Physical Attack Items


Items Physical Attack Mobile Legends Windtalker

Additional attack speed items that are suitable for heroes who are long enough to clear lane. With the addition of attack speed, it will certainly make it easier for them. Some heroes like Ling are obliged to use this item in addition to attack speed, it can also be used as a shoe replacement for some heroes like Wanwan because there is an additional movement speed that is quite large.

Endless Battle

Endless Physical Attack Items

Lifesteal item that is widely used, because it is quite complete with true damage and additional mana. For physical heroes who use skills and basic attacks in a balanced way.

Demon Hunter Sword

DHS Mobile Legends Physical Attack Items

This one item is also often used to kill heroes with thick blood. You could say this hero is similar in function to the passive of Karrie’s hero. Very suitable for carry heroes for Tank heroes counters.

Wind of Nature

Wind of Nature
source : Mobile Legends

A mandatory item for today’s Marksman heroes, because it has an active effect that can make him immune to basic attacks for 2 seconds. It was quite helpful so as not to die easily. Moreover, the Marksman hero is quite weak against damage from his opponents.

Malefic Roar

item malefic roar mobile legends

Penetration items that are usually purchased in the late game. Some carry heroes will usually buy this as the 5th or 6th item for additional damage. The additional penetration makes this item an obligation for carry so that it can knock down the opponent’s defense in the late game.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair is the highest Physical attack item in Mobile Legends. For now, it’s not just a late game item because sometimes it’s bought early when it’s gold, for example by Popol & Kupa or Brody. As if the price of this item is not a problem for these heroes, because Goldlane will usually give a lot of Gold, especially when it gets a valuable Gold Shield Turret.

That’s a row of popular Physical Attack items that you must buy in Mobile Legends. This item is universal because it has a good effect on many Physical heroes.

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