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The Latest Genshin Impact Redeem Code August 25, 2022, There are Primogems!

The Latest Genshin Impact Redeem Code August 25, 2022, There are Primogems!

At certain events, Genshin Impact often shares redeem codes for you. However, the special release of version 3.0 Genshin Impact again shared a special redeem code containing primogems.

Instead of being late and being burned down, you should immediately claim the special redeem code.

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Genshin Impact Special Redeem Code 3.0

source: Genshin Impact
  • 6A6VJTWGCPYV – 60 Primogems and 5 Adventurer’s Experience

For this new code, it seems that it will take a long time to use it. But we can’t say for sure how long. If it can’t be used, it means that this redeem code has been forfeited.

For banner 3.0, there are many new characters, namely Tighnari, Collei and Dori in phase 2.

Which character are you gacha? There are many new things like Dendro elements that you can finally play. Tighnari itself is a Dendro DPS Main which is unique and has a strong Charged Attack style like Ganyu.

So, back to the main discussion. For those who don’t know how to redeem, you can directly check the video below.

How to Redeem Code

  • Login to Genshin Impact
  • Login to Paimon
  • Click Settings (Gear image)
  • Select Account
  • Click Redeem Now
  • Paste the redeem code above
source: Genshin Impact
  • Claim the prize in the mail (As seen in the image below)
August 25 Redeem Code
source: Genshin Impact

There will be a lot of redeem codes that are distributed at each event, and redeem codes that are distributed at certain events.

Always look forward to the new Genshin Impact redeem code which will be here later. Don’t miss it because it will always be updated, Spinners.

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