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The Latest Features of BBM on Android That Not Many People Know

Latest BBM features on Android that not many people know about Although currently BBM is not as popular as it used to be because now there are so many chat applications such as Whatsapp, Line, Wechat and so on. However, the latest BBM version comes with a variety of more interesting features. And this feature will make BBM application users more fun in using this BBM application. And of course also easier for users.

But to enjoy the latest features in the BBM application, of course you have to update or update to the latest BBM version.

As for all the latest features of BBM, we can see it in the discover menu in the BBM application. You can open the BBM application then select the discover menu. To view the menu discover / find can be seen in the following image.

The Latest Features of BBM on Android That Not Many People Know

As for the latest features on BBM are as follows:

sticker feature on BBM android

With the sticker feature in the BBM application, it will make your chats more exciting. Because there are various kinds of unique and funny stickers that are not inferior to the stickers on the chat line application. But in this sticker feature there are some that we can use for free and some are paid. So just choose a sticker that suits your taste.

football365 features on BBM android app

The football365 feature in the BBM application will make it easier for football fans to see scores in football matches or view the match schedule. Because this feature provides information related to the world of football. So simply by using the BBM application we can find out the latest football news or information about football.

webcomics feature on BBM android application

If you often read stories or novels or comics that are on the line application, maybe it’s time for you to try and experience the newest feature in this BBM application, namely webcomics. This webcomics feature will pamper fans of reading comics or novels. Because there are many genres or categories offered in this feature. So you can explore comics or novels that tell stories about romance, drama, fantasy, action, mystery, comedy and so on.

news feature on BBM android application

By taking advantage of the news feature on the discover menu on BBM, it allows you not to miss the latest or most recent news. Because BBM will present various news from trusted sources so that it will add the latest information and news that you need. And besides news there are also several categories available such as entertainment, beauty, automotive, lifestyle and others.

video features on BBM android application

In the latest BBM features there is a video feature. In the video feature, there are various categories offered, including Live, trending, sports, entertainment, movies and series, music, news, vlogs, Korean, kids, webtoon, soap operas, lifestyle, funny. This will make it easier for BBM application users to watch the videos they like.

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poll feature on BBM android application

The polls feature in the BBM application is a feature that is used to conduct polls or voting on television broadcasts that are currently polling. So that in this poll feature, viewers can directly interact with television shows by giving polls or voting.
In addition to polling or voting, you can also comment on polls related to the event from the television broadcast.

shopping feature on BBM android application

If you like shopping online because it might be easier or more practical, then you can simply take advantage of the shopping feature in the BBM application. In this shopping feature, there are various categories of goods sold, such as fashion, care, beauty, gadgets and so on.

Coupon feature on BBM android application

In the coupon feature on BBM, you can see a number of categories provided, including tourist attractions, food, beauty, activities that are holding special promos or being discounted.

Travel features on the BBM android application

In the travel feature of this BBM application, we can book domestic and international flight tickets and can also book hotels, because there are 200,000 hotel options provided both domestically and abroad.

pulse or PLN features on the BBM android application

With the pulse or pln feature in the BBM application, we can buy credit and data packages, buy electricity tokens, pay PDAM bills (this feature will be coming soon), pay BPJS health, pay telkom bills, or pay installments. The method is very easy, just follow the instructions when making a purchase or payment.

That’s the latest feature that BBM has, quite interesting isn’t it? Because now the BBM application in my opinion is not just a chat application. Because in it there are features that can meet daily activities.

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