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The First Indonesian Esports Team at TI!

The Dota 2 Arlington Major 2022 tournament yesterday turned out to be the most beautiful gift for BOOM Esports. The reason is, BOOM Esports has managed to collect DPC Points to get direct invitation to The International (TI) 2022 in Singapore later. This achievement is also proud for Indonesia because BOOM Esports is an Indonesian Esports Team that has successfully competed in Indonesia The International!

BOOM Esports: The First Indonesian Dota 2 Team at TI!

Not long after becoming an Esports Team that gets direct invitation The International with the acquisition of 1482 DPC Points, BOOM Esports won 1st place in the GALAXY GAMERS: Invitational Series Thailand 2022 Tournament!

BOOM Esports continues to receive praise and congratulations for its achievements so far. For example, BOOM Esports received a direct letter from ESL One and America’s Dota 2 Caster, Neal “Tsunami” Khandheira.

These words are certainly an encouragement for all members of the BOOM Esports Team.

Add More 1 Pro Player Indonesian in IT

No less interesting, BOOM Esports managed to add 1 more Indonesian who will compete at The International, namely Saieful “fbz” Inspiration. fbz became the third person from Indonesia who was confirmed to compete in the IT.

Previously, on IT 10, there are 2 pro player Dota 2 from Indonesia who competed under the tutelage of the T1 Esports Team. They are Matthew”Whitemon” Philemon and Kenny “Xepher“Deo.

Will it Increase Later?

Possibly, yes. But they have to be champion 1 South East Qualifier The International 2022.

For Esports Teams from Indonesia, only Army Geniuses competed. The reason is quite clear, many Esports Teams have released the Dota 2 division, resulting in the lack of Indonesian Esports Team participants. In the team, most of them are Indonesian. In fact, one of the legends of Dota 2 Indonesia, Muhammad Rizky “InYourDream“played for Army Geniuses.

As for players from Indonesia, they are quite spread out. Some of the Esports Teams that have players from Indonesia are:

  1. Talon Esports (Mikoto and Hyde),
  2. T1 (Xepher and Whitemon)
  3. Nigma Galaxy SEA (Jhocam)
  4. Army Geniuses (db-, InYourDream, womy, and varizh)

Congratulations to BOOM Esports for their unyielding struggle and being the first Indonesian Esports Team to enter The International. Hopefully in the future there will be many Esports Teams and other Indonesian players who compete in the international arena