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The Curse of RRQ According to Caster Mirko Mobile Legends (ML)

This time the MPL ID Season 10 Tournament will enter its fourth week of matches. It’s been 4 weeks since the Mobile Legends tournament has been running. Many things happened during the tournament. This time there is the RRQ Curse According to Caster Mirko Mobile Legends (ML)

RRQ Hoshi has passed the third week of MPL ID Season 10 yesterday with quite a disappointing result where the 2 matches they played had to be won without a win. Both games with Evos Legends and Rebellion Zion had to be beaten 2-0 without reply.

This time there was caster Mirko giving his response regarding the curse that exists for the RRQ Hoshi team this time. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following in the article for an explanation.

The Curse of RRQ According to Caster Mirko in Mobile Legends (ML)

Through Mirko’s YouTube channel, in this video upload, he gave an explanation about the discussion in week 3 of MPL ID Season 10 yesterday which was considered quite exciting. This time he also thinks there is a curse from RRQ from Mirko himself

“Rebellion as the second rookie team, because they brought Haizz, Widjanarko 2 rookie in their lineup, they could beat RRQ Hoshi 2-0. I think RRQ is cursed against the blue team, because M1 Grand Finals against Evos Legends then MSC Grand Finals RSG PH blue team, Rebellion blue team, Evos Legends blue team.”

According to MPL caster, Mirko, this time he responded that the RRQ team had a curse on the blue team. This is after they fought Evos Legends, RSG PH, Rebellion Zion which has a blue color.

That’s Mirko’s explanation regarding the curse for the RRQ team this time, namely against the blue team. What do you think about Mirko’s explanation?