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The Advantages of Pendragon According to REKT Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently, the MPL ID Season 10 tournament has passed its fourth week. There have been many exciting matches at MPL ID this time. the following are the advantages of Pendragon according to REKT Mobile Legends (ML).

This time MPL ID Season 10 has carried out half the season for the regular season round. The entire team had already met each other this time with their opponents.

This time there was a response from REKT regarding the Explaner from Evos Legends, namely Pendragon. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time about the news, see the following explanation.

The Advantages of Pendragon According to REKT Mobile Legends (ML)

This time on a livestream on Gustian REKT’s YouTube channel, where Jonathan Liandi, Antimage and Ko Lius watched the MPL match. REKT this time mentioned the advantages of Pendragon.

“The item selection pen is unique but useful, from Paquito Masha, the item is unique.”

According to REKT this time, he thought that the advantage of Pendragon was that the items he used to use Explaner heroes were quite unique according to him. REKT also thinks that the selection of items from Pendragon is different as usual and he also prefers Pendragon over Antimage.

Pendragon has also been the starting lineup in several matches that have been undertaken by Evos Legends. With him playing several times, Evos Legends is at the top of the current standings.

That was REKT’s explanation of the superiority of the Pendragon from his point of view. What do you think about what the REKT said?