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Team Valorant Protected From Poaching For Promotion To International League Through Challengers

Team Valorant Protected From Poaching For Promotion To The International League Through Challengers.

In 2023, Esports Valorant will look very different. Teams that do not enter the partnership league or franchise still have a chance to enter this league.

The important news is, the Valorant team that was successfully promoted from Challengers will be “protected” from poaching by the franchise team.

As reported by The Washington Post, Whalen Rozellehead of esports operations at Riot, said that player roster protection would be implemented across international leagues and that this would protect promoted teams from being chased by partnership teams.

“Contracts, roster composition and transfer windows will be standardized. Teams that violate these rules will face increased penalties.” said Rozelle.

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VCT Domestic League Promotion
Via: Riot Games

For the new Challengers system, the top teams from the respective domestic Challengers leagues will qualify for the draw Challengers Ascension new, with the winner of Ascension in America, EMEA and Asia will earn two years of promotion to their respective region’s international leagues.

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So for teams that are promoted to this international league or tier 1 league, the team roster will be protected from poaching from teams that already play in their international leagues.

The team that gets the franchise slot itself will likely have to adhere to the same roster rules about poaching one another, similar to the rules that other competitive Riot League organizations follow.

In franchise leagues such as League of Legends, teams are prohibited from communicating with other contracted team players unless they have permission from that player’s team to make contact.

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