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Take advantage of Watching Live TV Only on the BBM App on Android

Watch Live TV Only on BBM App on Android – The development of the Blackberry Messenger application or what we usually know as BBM. Every day the features provided are getting cooler and more interesting for its users. One feature that I want to discuss on this occasion is live video playback in the BBM application. So it allows its users to watch live streaming tv. And not only presenting live streaming videos, but users can also view videos from various categories. Among the available categories are news, sports, entertainment, vlogs, music, lifestyle, soap operas, and so on. The videos presented are sourced from

And actually there are a lot of streaming tv applications circulating on the internet market playstore. You just have to decide which one you want to install. But if you don’t want to be bothered because it might be a burden on your phone because there are too many applications installed. So you don’t have to worry about that, because if you have the BBM application installed on your phone, you can simply take advantage of the features provided by the BBM application, which is being able to watch live streaming TV. There are also many channels provided, such as RCTI, SCTV, Trans TV, Trans 7, Indosiar, Global TV, Metro TV, ANTV, TVone, MNC TV, KOMPAS TV, RTV and many others. So with this feature, of course, it can make it easier for those of you who can’t watch live broadcasts on conventional tv in your home.

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Then for smooth playback of the streaming video, including light. Furthermore, this application can only be enjoyed if we have updated or updated the BBM version.

For the steps you can see in the following review.

  1. Open the BBM application on your Android phone.
  2. Then you select the menu Find and select icon videos.
  3. After that select the menu live.

For more details, you can directly look at the image below.

Take advantage of Watching Live TV Only on the BBM App on Android

On the live menu there will be several television stations available. You just have to choose which channel you want to watch. For example, if you like to watch SCTV or Trans TV, the display on BBM will look like the image below:

watch tv streaming on BBM app

When you watch live you can also do live chat below. So that this will add to its own impression such as comments from fellow viewers and also comments on the type of video being watched.
Furthermore, to display streaming video in fullscreen you can activate auto rotate first on your cellphone.

It’s not easy watch live tv on BBM application on android?. The above method can be practiced directly from your Android phone. Hopefully useful, thank you and good luck.

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