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Sutsujin Horrified Saying Xin Mobile Legends (ML)

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament this time has held the fourth week of matches. Each player also performed brilliantly during the fourth week. This time Sutsujin is horrified to say Xin Mobile Legends (ML)

Sutsujin as the player who gave a surprise in MPL ID Season 10 this time. He has become a substitute for Ferxiic as a jungler for Evos Legends with several matches he has played.

This time, Bangsin gave his opinion on Sustsujin’s performance. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following explanation in the article below.

Sutsujin Horrified Saying Xin Mobile Legends (ML)

Through the XINNN Youtube channel, this time through the livestream Bangsin gave his opinion on the jungler from Evos Legends, Sutsujin this time.

“But Sutsuji was horrified, the first time I saw a jungler like that, 2 big teams were massacred by RRQ ONIC, he didn’t make any blunders at all, he was disciplined, he kept going until the end.”

According to Xin, this time he thought that the jungler from Evos Legends, Sutsujin, was horrified. With disciplined play, his consistent objectives until the end of the game made the Evos Legends team at the top of the MPL ID Season 10 regular season standings.

Previously, Xin had mentioned that it was too early for Sutsujin to be rivaled by Alberttt but it seems that this was withdrawn. Because at this time, Sutsujin’s performance made a surprise at MPL ID Season 10 as a rookie.

That’s the explanation from Xin who said that Sutsujin was horrified, he said this time. What do you think, agree with what Bangsin said to Sutsujin this time?