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Sutsujin's Favorite Hero Has Two Retries Mobile Legends (ML)

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament this time has held the fourth week of matches. Each team certainly wants to show their best in the fourth week this time. This time Sutsujin’s Favorite Hero Has Two Retries Mobile Legends (ML)

There have been many use of heroes presented this time in the MPL ID Season 10 tournament. With so many hero pools from each team this time

This time the jungler Evos Legends favors this hero in Mobile Legends with an ability that can be said to have 2 retries. Of course, this is quite interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following in the article.

Sutsujin’s Favorite Hero Has Two Retries in Mobile Legends (ML)

As explained during the livestream on Zeys’ YouTube channel, this time the Jungler from Evos Legends said that Balmond’s hero was his favorite in the Mobile Legends game.

“Balmond, easy to get turtle.”

Although it could be said that Sutsujin did not perform well with the hero Sutsujin where he had a pretty bad KDA but he said it was easy to get an objective like turtle.

Balmond jungler is currently arguably one of the heroes of choice to become a jungler. Because with the high durability he has, the hero can also be said to have additional retrieval with his ultimate. So it’s not wrong that Sutsujin mentioned Balmond as one of his favorite heroes even though he hasn’t shown the best yet.

That’s an explanation of Sutsujin’s favorite Balmond hero for the Mobile Legends game this time. What do you think about the explanation this time?