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Stupid When Blasphemed This Answers Godiva Mobile Legends (ML)

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament this time has held the fourth week of matches. Each team certainly wants to show their best in the fourth week this time. This time it’s cool when it’s blasphemed, this is Godiva’s answer in Mobile Legends (ML)

The AURA Fire team has indeed shown maximum performance this time they have shown it. With the few wins they got in the last few matches they went.

This time Godiva gave his response even though he was often blasphemed and was quite indifferent to it this time. Of course, this is quite interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following in the article.

Ignorant When Blasphemed This is Godiva’s Answer in Mobile Legends (ML)

Through the personal YouTube channel of AURA Godiva, this time when the livestream roamer from the AURA Fire team gave his response regarding the frequent blasphemy by netizens, which he was quite indifferent to responding to.

“Bro, how come you stay calm even when you say that? Because I’m an alumni of AURA MPL Season 7, guys, I’ve felt the dark name of the world, you know, the bitterness of life, winning 0 losing 14 times every week is full of sadness, so when I’m blasphemed like that, I’m a bit indifferent, unless I bring my parents’ name, I’ll read it come back.”

According to Godiva, this time as one of the veterans for the AURA Fire team, we know that he has experienced a slump in performance in several seasons before MPL ID Season 10. They often do not qualify for the MPL playoffs and are ranked 7 or 8 in the standings.

But now, with some improvements made by the AURA Fire team, it can bring the team back up again about this and make Godiva ‘Immune’ to the blasphemy aimed at this time.

That’s the explanation from Godiva who is indifferent to the blasphemy that continues to be directed at him this time. What do you think about Godiva’s response?