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Still Too OP, Valentina Will Get Big Nerf Like This!

Still Too OP, Valentina Will Get Big Nerf Like This!

Valentina is proven to be still an OP and is often a subscription to a ban even though she has been nerfed several times by Mobile Legends.

This makes Moonton feel the need to add a nerf to this Mage hero which is quite large.

No half-hearted because the nerf is related to the three Ultimates that were copied and quite easy to remove.

These three Ultimates can indeed be considered a bit of a cheat for Valentina because without effort they can be used immediately.

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Well, therefore these three stolen Ultimates will get quite a big nerf for Valentina.

The Latest Nerf Valentina Mobile Legends

Nerf Valentina
source: YT Whiz Super

Skill 1

  • Terror or Terrified duration reduced from 0.7 seconds to 0.5 seconds


  • Wanwan: Can’t be used immediately but must first solve the weakness points (same as Wanwan) before you can use the existing Ultimate
  • Minotaur: Will get Minotaur’s rage ability, so Valentina must collect full rage before being able to stun
  • X Borg: The damage from Last Insanity Valentina will only be equal to the damage of X Borg without Firaga Armor, arguably smaller than the maximum damage from X Borg

You could say the nerf is quite large considering Valentina is quite dependent on Ultimate to get the best damage, without a good Ultimate Valentina of course only has two skills.

Moreover, Ultimate Wanwan can be said to be quite good at copying because it can provide counter attacks against opponents.

Even though some other heroes like Faramis are still very good for Valentina to steal her Ultimate.

What do you think about this nerf? Does Valentina disappear from the priority of tires?

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