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Still considered OP, Yin Mobile Legends will be affected by nerf!

Still considered OP, Yin Mobile Legends will be affected by nerf!

One Fighter who used to be a jungler hero will get nerfed in the new patch. It’s quite sad because actually this hero is no longer a priority after several previous nerfs.

It seems Moonton is still assessing this hero as an OP hero so he will get a nerf in the next patch.

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Nerf Yin Mobile Legends


  • Added a delay before the target is attracted to the domain

Indeed, there is only one but it is quite influential in our opinion because the Yin power is in the Ultimate.

With this pause, the opponent can keep their distance so they can no longer be hit by Yin’s skills from the start.

This is quite detrimental to Yin because Yin’s main strength lies in Ultimate which can at any time bring opponents into its domain.

It can’t be canceled, but the pause is enough to help the opponent stay away if they have a dash or Flicker skill.

It’s a shame if this nerf will be applied to the original server. Of course, it will be difficult for Yin users to carry out impromptu kidnappings. On the other hand, this requires Yin to be wiser in using his Ultimate.

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