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So that Facebook Accounts Are Not Hacked Here's the Solution

The solution to keep your facebook account from being hacked – Who is not familiar with the facebook application. The most popular social media application in the world. an application that always makes the latest innovations so that users remain loyal to using it. There are so many ways how to get acquainted through this facebook site. Even the positive side of using this application is quite a lot, it makes it easier for us to find old friends, as well as new friends. However, it is undeniable that having many friends on Facebook is a dream for many people and is considered a trivial thing. Sometimes on the other hand there are many bad people who aim to steal our personal data or in other terms hack our account. So recognize when you add friends or accept friendships from people you don’t know. So that later our facebook account is not easily broken into or hijacked by others. It’s still good if you just look at it, try if it’s made to make weird statuses. Surely something like that would be very annoying.

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In fact, many users underestimate the security of privacy on Facebook and do not know more about matters related to privacy. For example, not accessing Facebook in public places such as internet cafes, logging in using a friend’s cellphone. Moreover, I forgot not to log out of my facebook account. Therefore Facebook accounts will be vulnerable from hacker attacks. So, how do you protect your Facebook account from being hacked or hacked? And of course, you need to maintain privacy and security in maintaining data when logging in. Then you can follow the steps in the explanation below to keep your Facebook account safe.

Here are the steps that are a solution so that Facebook avoids being hacked or hacked:

  • The first step you have to enter the menu settings or settings on your facebook account. If you set this setting, there will be a warning if someone tries to log in or tries to login through your account. So if there are suspicious signs you can immediately find out.
  • After entering the menu settings or settings then select on security and login info. For more details, see the image below.
how to prevent facebook account from being hacked
  • Next select the extra security setup menu then you choose get a warning about entry unknown. You can edit this setting by selecting get notified and also choose option send incoming alerts via email. And if you click on save changes. And for more details about this step can be directly seen in the image below.
solutions to secure facebook accounts from hackers and crackers
  • Make settings on the menu use two-factor authentication. In this menu you can edit by adding a phone number or cellphone number. It aims to send you a message if there are signs of other people logging in using your facebook account. And if it is then select continue after that click save. As in the image below.
steps to protect facebook account from being hacked or hacked

Those are some steps to keep your facebook account from being disturbed by hackers. And the above method is the safest solution, why?. Because if one day our Facebook account cannot be opened, it will always be associated with a mobile number for verification of the Facebook account that cannot be opened.

Thus posting the article on this occasion, hopefully with the explanation above it can provide a solution regarding the security of your account to keep it safe. As a term we often hear, prevention is better than cure. Thank you for visiting and if you wish please provide comments or suggestions if there are shortcomings, both in terms of writing or whatever it is in the comments column below.

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