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Smoke Dome Grenade FF, Free Fire Smoke Explosion!

Free Fire has released a lot of cool latest updates for you to try and see now. Because there is also a Smoke Dome Grenade FF, of course Free Fire players will receive a fairly large Smoke Explosion. This will be the best upgrade item and is enough to protect in later battles.

There are still many good things that we can try right away, so that we can immediately find out about them later. Because it’s still a good opportunity too, so that players will be even more excited to play it.

Then for the September 2022 Free Fire Advance Server List, there are indeed many new things from here, you have to try it first. Test anything that appears on the server so that when you play, you will immediately understand the update.

Then for the presence of Smoke Dome Grenade FF, you will see a fairly large smoke explosion effect. Because this is the newest item in the Free Fire game, it’s even only available in certain modes so we can use it when competing.

Smoke Dome Grenade Free Fire (FF)

The presence of a Smoke Dome Grenade FF, becomes a protection item that is quite large in area with the Smoke Explosion. Of course, the presence of these items will help players to more easily face enemies or protect themselves from enemies.

Smoke Dome Grenade FF, Free Fire Smoke Explosion!

The Smoke Dome Grenade Throw item itself is only available in Free Fire Clash Squad Mode. So for those of you who have played in this mode, we will surely see that it will protect the player very easily.

Because later this Smoke explosion will form a circular Dome, so the enemy will not be easy to Aim. You can trap Enemies in this Smoke blast, for example they get inside too.

Of course with Smoke Dome Grenade FF, you will find it easier to face the enemy in the match later. Make sure to do battle well, so that later you won’t be too difficult to fight back in the match.

Then try the Free Fire Grenade Throwing Tips, because this applies not only to explosive items. Help in battle to outwit the enemy, without having to be confused again when competing.