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Skywing Ultra Spaceship and Spaceship Dominator FF Animation, Get It This Way!

Skywing Ultra Spaceship and Spaceship Dominator FF Animation, Get It This Way!

In the period of welcoming many important days like today, Free Fire (FF) is indeed very busy with interesting skins, both free and paid.

Currently, players can choose to spin in paid events and take part in the free events that are available, because there are so many available.

Some of the newest ones that are currently available are Moco Store, Incubator, to Mystery Shop and other interesting events.

One of the newest events that will be present at Luck Royale is the Faded Wheel. Yep, this event that can be said to be quite routinely presented will be re-released in the near future.

If you are interested in getting the prizes, namely Skywing Ultra Spaceship and Spaceship Dominator FF Animation, here’s how!

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Skywing Ultra Spaceship & Spaceship Dominator FF Animation

Skywing Ultra Spaceship ff
NFS123 YouTube

Spaceship Dominator animation is an animation that will appear when you or others view your profile. Also, this animation will appear during the MVP announcement in the game.

In addition, there is an Ultra Spaceship skin that is also present, which is the Skywing skin which was released specifically with the theme of the Free Fire anniversary event that is currently being held.

These two skins will be available in the Faded Wheel event starting in a few days. Spaceship Dominator and Skywing Ultra Spaceship animations are on the main prize list in the upcoming Faded Wheel event.

You can get the skin by doing a spin in the Faded Wheel event as usual, by removing two types of prizes that you don’t want first.

The first spin can start with 9 Diamonds. The number will continue to increase in the next Spin. Every time you spin, you have the opportunity to get other prizes such as other Gun Skins and Diamond Vouchers that you can use in Diamond Royale.

While Skywing and maximum animation will be obtained on the 8th spin. You are sure to get a different prize every time you spin.

Of course there will be a series of other cool prizes that you can get in the spin event with the first spin price of 9 Diamonds.

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That’s the latest Faded Wheel event where players can get two cool prizes as the most coveted prizes! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.