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Saving Tips To Get MLBB x Kungfu Panda Skins Apart from Kai!

Saving Tips To Get MLBB x Kungfu Panda Skins Apart from Kai!

MLBB x Kungfu Panda is here for you to get. This latest MLBB collaboration brings three cool skins where you can get one skin for free.

But if you want to get two other skins besides Thamuz’s General Kai skin, here SPIN Esports has tips from one of the creators of MLBB VY Gaming.

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So, later you will be very efficient because you only need to remove a few diamonds. Go ahead, see the following steps.

MLBB x Kungfu Panda Skin Saving Tips

  • Game Login
  • Enter the Events menu
  • Complete Kai Invitation to get 10x free tickets
source: Mobile Legends
  • Pre-order (get 1 ticket)
source: Mobile Legends
  • Wait for August 27, 2022 for the MLBB x Kungfu Panda event quest (Can get up to 15 free tickets)
  • Draw using 500 diamonds to complete all event quests
  • You can draw again to get the remaining Jade Token to exchange the desired Collaboration skin
  • Wait for the second quest event from MLBB x Kungfu Panda for free draw again

I think that’s what you need to do to save your expenses to be able to get the MLBB x Kungfu Panda collaboration skin other than General Kai, which of course you can get for free this way.

source: Mobile Legends

For the second quest event, we will inform you the date again. You don’t need to worry because even if you save the Jade Token from the first event, of course you can use it in the second event later.

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