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Save Time By Sending Automated Messages On Whatsapp

Send chat messages on whatsapp automatically – The longer the ease of using a smartphone is increasing along with the new applications that appear. With the aim of making it easier for us to carry out daily activities. It’s time for this one application, which is called the application sqedit. In this sqedit application you can set the time by creating a schedule to send whatsapp messages automatically. For example, if you are busy or have many tasks, you can set a time to reply or provide information via WhatsApp according to the time and date you want. So that later WhatsApp will send the message that you created earlier automatically to the recipient according to what you have set earlier. So it’s never too late to reply to chat messages, right?

So, to be able to use it, you must first download the application sqedit. You can download the application via google play store and this application is also free or not paid. Where sqedit will help you make a schedule for sending messages on whatsapp as you wish. So that this application is considered easier in terms of your communication.

Besides being used for the whatsapp application, this application can also be used to send messages such as email, facebook, sms and set reminders on calls.
And the steps on how to use the sqedit application to reply to chats/messages on whatsapp automatically are as follows:

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  • First you have to download and install the application sqedit. And then open the sqedit application.
  • Next select the option whatsapp of the 5 available options. And if you have then choose done. For more details about the appearance of the sqedit application, see the following screenshot image.
send chat messages on whatsapp automatically with sqedit
  • Then give access permission to the sqedit application to access whatsapp by pressing open settings. As in the image below.
save time with sqedit app
  • After that, activate it in settings accessibility – sqedit – on
how to send chat messages on whatsapp automatically
  • Now if you have, you can immediately start writing messages, selecting contacts, setting the clock, setting the date according to what you want. And if everything is suitable, you choose schedule. For more details about this step, see the image below.
how to manage time by creating a schedule to send whatsapp messages
  • After that, the message that you scheduled earlier will be automatically sent and you will get a notification when the message has been successfully sent.
sqedit app to send messages automatically on whatsapp

Okay that’s the steps on how create a schedule for sending whatsapp messages automatically, hopefully this method can make it easier to send messages when you are busy or have a lot of activities or tasks that make you don’t have time to reply to chat messages on whatsapp. Hopefully this article can be useful and thank you also for visiting.

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