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Sanz's Response When Fighting Udil Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently, the MPL ID Season 10 tournament has entered its fourth week. There have been many exciting matches at MPL ID this time. following is Sanz’s response to Udil Mobile Legends (ML)

This time on the third day of the fourth week of MPL ID Season 10 ONIC Esports with Alter Ego in the second match of the fourth week. Of course they will compete for points.

This time there was Sanz giving his response after fighting the figure of Udil the Idol as a midlaner. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time about the news, see the following explanation.

Sanz’s Response When Fighting Udil Mobile Legends (ML)

The second match on the third day in the fourth week of MPL Indonesia Season 10 brought together ONIC Esports against ONIC Esports. This time the Yellow Hedgehog managed to dominate over Alter Ego with a score of 2-1. After this match, Sanz gave his response against Udil as an idol.

“(What about Udil’s opponent?) I’m really happy to be able to beat Udil, who I used to really idolize, especially I’m really happy.”

This time Sanz revealed that he was quite happy after defeating the idol this time, Udil. There is an interesting fact where previously Sanz joined ONIC Esports because he wanted to play with Udil, but in a different fate, Udil had to join Alter Ego.

That’s the explanation from Sanz regarding his response to Udil as his idol this time. What do you think about Sanz’s response this time?