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Safe!!! Here's How To Lock Google Chrome With A Password

How to lock google chrome using password – A browser that you often use should be a concern regarding the security of your personal data. Especially if the browser used is a common browser or a browser that is used together. Of course, personal matters need to be secured to avoid unwanted things such as misuse of data and so on.

And when it comes to browsers or browsers, nowadays it’s not just history that’s saved automatically, it’s also about passwords, bookmarks, and extensions. So with that it would be nice for you to need to provide a password or security key to the browser you are using to maintain privacy.

How to lock google chrome using password
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If you used to lock google chrome with password by adjusting settings chrome://flags/. But unfortunately you can’t try this method again. Because google has released several updates for chrome over the years so often it removes useful features that are almost completely unexplained.

And fortunately now there is an easy way to give privacy to the browser you are using, especially for Google Chrome. Where one of them we can use a third party chrome extension that is named PassBrow. That is a third-party application that supports Android phone systems and PCs. Obviously this extension will have a positive impact and will also provide high fluency in ensuring a privacy.

Then the way to activate the PassBrow extension on google chrome, it would be nice for you to follow these steps:

  • First of all, please add an extension called PassBrow by searching for it by selecting Extension – then open Chrome Webstore – write PassBrow on search. And for more details just look at the image below.
How to lock google chrome using password
  • If so, then you add
    and activate the extension to protect all your browsing activities on your chrome browser.
How to lock google chrome using password
  • Then this application will continue for you to do privacy settingsplease set your account information, then create a password. And make sure you don’t forget the password you created earlier. Because there is no choice but to uninstall google chrome from your device in case you forget the password you have created.
How to lock google chrome using password
  • Well, after you finish saving and creating a password in PassBrow, all your information will be encrypted in a file extension called PassBrow. And for the Android system you only need to install an application called PassBrow on google play store and do the privacy settings and create a password only. The application itself is as shown in the image below.
How to lock google chrome using password
  • If it’s finished, every time you open a chrome browser, you have to enter the saved password if you want to be able to access it. And although it’s a little tedious every time you open chrome, this method will make the data in the browser safe from all kinds of actions by jailers.
How to lock google chrome using password