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Rupture Geek Fam ID Down To MDL Mobile Legends (ML)

Just now MPL ID Season 10 has passed the first week. However, there have been many surprises that have occurred after 1 week of the tournament with many transfer updates. This time there is an Evos Update Transfer Factor according to KB Mobile Legends (ML).

This time, Evos exchanged players from the MPL team with their MDL division, namely Evos Legends and Evos Icon. This time they traded Bajan and Ferxiic for Dreams and Sutsujin. Of course, this surprised many parties in Mobile Legends.

This time as a roamer from the Geek Fam Indonesia team, Rupture, he was demoted to MDL this time. of course it is quite interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following explanation.

Rupture Geek Fam ID Down To MDL Mobile Legends (ML)

Through an official social media account post from Geekfamid, they have confirmed that one of their roamers, Rupture, has been demoted to the Geek Fam Jr team for MDL Season 6.

Currently, Geek Fam itself has Filipino players, namely Baloyskie and Hades. Baloyskie himself has a role as a roamer so that is also what makes Rupture itself have to go down to MDL.

As we saw before, Geek Fam ID was surprised in the opening match against RRQ Hoshi. They won in game 1 although in the end RRQ Hoshi managed to turn things around to 2-1. This also happened because of the factor of Baloyskie himself who was quite brilliant in the first game.

So with that being a factor, the possibility of Rupture having to go down to MDL this time. That’s the explanation about Rupture from Geek Fam ID down to MDL this time. What do you think about that?