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RRQ Mobile Legends (ML) Performance Flashbacks

The fourth week of the MPL ID Season 10 Tournament this time, there were quite a few surprises. Like many players who were promoted from MDL and demoted there too. The following is a Flashback of RRQ Mobile Legends (ML) Performance.

Currently, most of the teams at MPL ID have made changes to their roster. Lots of player exchanges with divisions in MDL.

This time, former RRQ Hoshi player Tuturu flashbacks with the performance of the RRQ team this time. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss this time in the article below, see the following explanation.

RRQ Mobile Legends (ML) Performance Flashback

Through a livestream on his personal YouTube channel, TUTURUUU, this time he discussed the less than optimal performance of the RRQ Hoshi team in the fourth week. This time he also flashbacks with RRQ during MPL ID Season 3.

“RRQ lost again huh? How much did you lose? (2-0) ah we lost guys never mind. Goodluck have fun RRQ, I think RRQ will repeat to be season 3 guys, after winning the first place, go home.”

According to Tuturu, this time he thought that with the performance of RRQ Hoshi this time with their defeat he thought that later it could be repeated like season 3. Where when MPL Season 3 did RRQ Hoshi appear quite bad after previously in season 2 they won the title.

That’s Tuturu’s explanation regarding the flashback of the RRQ team’s performance this time. In your opinion, do you agree with what Tuturu said?