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RRQ Match The Dragon Tamer AURA MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament will enter its fourth week of matches. In this fourth week there is an exciting match that is present at MPL ID Season 10. Here’s the RRQ Match of the Dragon Tamer AURA MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

An exciting match will occur this time between RRQ Hoshi and AURA Fire. The two teams that are currently the flagship for the MPL ID Season 10 champion this time are brought together

The competition for prestige will be shown this time. the two teams that have high-level player quality will be pitted against in the MPL ID Season 10 match. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss this time, see the explanation below.

RRQ Action The Dragon Tamer AURA MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

The match between RRQ Hoshi the king of all kings against the dragon team AURA Fire will be held on the second day of the fourth week of MPL ID Season 10. More precisely, Saturday 3 September 2022 / 13:00.

RRQ Hoshi for the past 6 seasons MPL ID was able to dominate the game from AURA Fire. They had never experienced defeat when they met the dragon this time. That’s why RRQ Hoshi is called the dragon tamer for the AURA Fire team.

But with the maximum performance this time from the AURA Fire team, they can prove that they can beat the defending champion team last season. will it happen later this time?

That’s the explanation of RRQ Hoshi’s match against AURA Fire, where RRQ Hoshi has never been defeated against the AURA Fire team this time. What do you think the match between the two teams will be like?