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Rows of Subscription Magic Items in Mobile Legends, Must Buy!

Rows of Subscription Magic Items in Mobile Legends, Must Buy!

There are several magic items that are very subscribed to be purchased by Magical Damage heroes in Mobile Legends. This makes some Magic items get nerf from Mobile Legends.

Talking about this, it turns out that Magic items are still very popular, especially some are subscriptions to be purchased as core items.

The core item itself is a mandatory item for heroes to get the best performance. Unlike the optional items that are usually purchased under certain circumstances only.

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Well, here is a row of subscription Magic items to buy in Mobile Legends.

Clock of Destiny

First there is the Clock of Destiny, an item that is usually the first slot item after shoes. This passive item the longer it is used, the more painful it becomes, so it’s no wonder that this item is always the first item for heroes with magic damage, especially those who play for the late game.

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Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon

Incomplete if Clock of Destiny is not combined with Lightning Truncheon. COD passive is in line with Lightning Truncheon, the more mana there is, the stronger the passive damage from this item. We often see this item combo when watching pro players play.

Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal
Source Mobile Legend: Bang Bang

Holy Crystal is also one of the popular magic items for Mage heroes. This item is the item with the second largest magic power after Blood Wings. However, because Blood Wings were very expensive, Holy Crystals were the best choice.

Holy Crystal has a price of 2180 compared to Blood Wings which needs 3000. The passive of this item also makes the skills issued very sick with additional 21%-35% magic depending on the level of the hero.

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Winter Truncheon

Immortality mobile legends

This one item seems not only to be an item for the Mage but all the existing heroes when entering the late game.

Indeed, statistically this item provides Magic Power, Physical Defense and HP. But that’s not what you’re looking for, but an active skill.

Freeze – this item’s active skill is very useful for buying time while fighting, this allows you to freeze temporarily and avoid damage. Usually this item is in combo with Immortality as an item that needs to be sold when buying this item.

Enchanted Talisman

Enchanted Talisman MLBB

Next up is the Enchanted Talisman. This item can make a maximum Cooldown Reduction of 45%, for spammer type heroes this item is very mandatory. Moreover, several patches ago Highground Heroes experienced a lot of additions to cooldown skills which made it take a long time to issue skills.

As a result, this item is a very good choice to reduce Cooldown so mage heroes can use skills faster.

Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive MLBB
source: Mobile Legends

A mandatory item when entering the late game where heroes, especially Tanks, have very thick defense. The penetration is so high that magic-damaged heroes can destroy the armor of the tanks.

With the reduction in Penetration, items like this sell well to be used as one of the mandatory late game items.

Genius Wand

Genius Wand

This item is quite popular to use, this item is able to reduce the opponent’s magic defense gradually. Of course, heroes who often use combo skills will be helped by this item, for example Harley or Julian.

That’s a row of subscription magic items used for the recent Mobile Legends meta. Some other Magic items are still used but for certain heroes or situations. For the row of items above, it is indeed a subscription used for many heroes and is suitable for various existing situations.

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