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Rows of Hero Fighters that are Suitable for DHS in Mobile Legends!

Rows of Hero Fighters that are Suitable for DHS in Mobile Legends!

Despite being one of the items counter the best tank, in fact not all heroes can use Demon Hunter Sword or DHS in Mobile Legends.

This also applies to fighter heroes who apparently only have a few who can maximize these items.

Therefore, here is a row of fighter heroes that are suitable for using DHS in Mobile Legends.

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Body's New Skin

Having the ultimate with the Physical Basic Attack type of attack, of course, makes Badang able to maximize DHS to increase the damage from his attack.

With the increase in damage, Badang certainly will not indiscriminately finish off his opponent, be it an assassin or a tank, he will surely crush him easily.


Freya Mobile legends

In addition to Badang, Freya also has the ultimate with the type as a Physical Basic Attack attack that will give a barrage of attacks with her basic attack.

Using DHS will certainly improve damage at a time attack speed from Freya which will make it even more unstoppable when using her ultimate.

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Revamp argus mobile legends

Argus becomes the next fighter hero who is able to maximize his abilities when using DHS.

The reason is, when using this item, Argus’ basic attack will increase rapidly so that he is able to overthrow his opponent quickly.


Counter Sun Revamp MLBB

Sun is another fighter hero who relies heavily on his basic attack to provide damage to the opposing hero.

By using DHS, Sun will reduce physical armor the opponent’s every time he attacks using his basic attack.

In addition, Sun and his shadow will also get extra attack speed from DHS so it will make you faster to destroy the opponent’s armor.

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