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Related to this internal problem RRQ Mobile Legends (ML) response

This time the MPL ID Season 10 tournament is past its fourth week. There have been changes that have occurred with the transfer of existing updates. this time it’s related to this internal problem RRQ Mobile Legends (ML) response

Indeed, the RRQ team itself has not shown the maximum performance they have given for several weeks of MPL ID Season 10. With the decline in performance, they also made an overhaul.

This time there was an explanation regarding the RRQ which was questioned with existing internal problems. Of course, we will discuss this this time in the article below, see the following.

Related to this Internal Problem Response RRQ Mobile Legends (ML)

Through the official YouTube from Team RRQ, this time they discussed the match they played in MPL ID Season 10 week 4 together with Coach RRQ Fiel and Pak AP. They explained about the internal problems that were rumored this time.

“But many DM us about internal problems, this doesn’t exist at all, we are playing badly. I can’t defend one or two people, they’re all ugly.”

According to Mr. AP, this time he thought that there were no internal problems related to the RRQ team itself. According to him, RRQ Hoshi’s performance decreased this time because they played badly. Mr. AP also cannot defend anyone who is really playing badly.

That’s the explanation from Mr. AP regarding internal problems that are often associated with the RRQ Hoshi team this time. What do you think about the response from Mr. AP this time?