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REKT Opens Up About Evos Clover Mobile Legends (ML)

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament this time has held the fourth week of matches. Each team has presented their best player. This time REKT opens up about Evos Clover Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently Evos Legends has managed to become the champion for the half season of MPL ID Season 10. The performance of Evos itself is quite surprising in this MPL season.

This time REKT openly discusses about Evos Clover. The following is an explanation of course quite interesting to explain, see the article below.

REKT Opens Up About Evos Clover Mobile Legends (ML)

Through Jonathan Liandi’s personal YouTube channel, this time during the EMPESHOW event, three speakers, namely KB, REKT and Antimage, discussed week 4 of MPL ID Season 10. REKT this time opened up about Evos Clover.

“Well, I’ll just open it because I’m no longer in Evos, at that time Clover tried Mid, he was disabled, that’s how he lost to Luminaire, at that time his opponent was a Luminaire. ”

This time REKT was open about Evos Clover where at that time Clover had been played as a midlaner but there were still some shortcomings with him playing the role of a midlaner.

Indeed, many say that Clover can be played as a midlaner not as a goldlaner at this time, but this actually does not produce good results where they do not perform well with such a strategy.

That’s the explanation from REKT regarding him being open about Evos Clover this time. What do you think about what REKT said this time?