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Redeem Code September 6 2022 PUBG Mobile

This time we will give you the Redeem Code September 6, 2022 PUBG Mobile. There are prizes that you can get by claiming a special redeem code for this September.

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game known for its realistic gameplay. Even so, this game still provides skin items. Every season PUBG Mobile provides skin items. Most of the skin items available in this game come for a fee.

Even so, there are several ways to get skin items for free. For example, by completing missions to get rewards from events and seasonal Free Passes.

Another and the easiest way is to claim the redeem code. However, the prizes in this redeem code are random, unless there is a certain event. In addition, the prize quota for certain redeem codes is limited in number.

Redeem Code September 6 2022 PUBG Mobile

This September there is a PUBG Mobile redeem code this time. You can get a gift by exchanging the redeem code today.

By using the redeem code, you can get PUBG Mobile gifts for free. The redeem code has a limited number of prize quotas. When the prize from a certain redeem code has run out, the redeem code is no longer valid.

Therefore, so that you don’t miss out on getting a gift from today’s special redeem code:


Don’t miss out on claiming the prize because later you will get Goth Punk (3D). You must quickly claim the prize before October 31, 2022 later. Because there are only the first 750 players who will get the prize later.

How to claim redeem code

To be able to exchange the PUBG Mobile redeem code, you can visit the official Redemption Center website by clicking the link here.

On the website, you need to enter your PUBG Mobile player ID in the Character ID column. The goal is that the prize from the redeem code that has been successfully claimed will be sent directly to the player’s account according to the ID.

Then enter the redeem code that you want to claim in the Redemption code column.

Next, enter the verification code in the Verification code column according to the code that appears next to the column.

Finally, click the “Redeem” button to claim the redeem code. If successful, the redeem code prize will be sent directly to the player’s account according to the ID listed.

If the player has already redeemed the code, the player will get the reward automatically in the In-game mailbox. That’s the explanation of the PUBG Mobile redeem code this time. Don’t miss it to be able to redeem the code.