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Recap Week 3 PMVB Season 1 PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile Vaklyrie Battleground (PMVB) League phase has ended. Just waiting to enter the Grand Final Round. The ONIC AX team dominates the Week 3 League PMVB Season 1 standings.

PUBG Mobile Valkyrie Battleground (PMVB) is a special PUBG Mobile tournament for the ladies team. After being absent, the ladies’ tournament finally returned to greet with a new name.

Interestingly, PMVB Season 1 has implemented a tournament format like 2022 PMPL ID last Spring.

The calculation of points in this competition uses a Bonus Points system which will be awarded to each team according to the final ranking in the weekly standings.

The application of a tournament format like this has proven to be effective in making tournaments more competitive. That’s because each team will be made to play consistently every week in order to earn big weekly points.

Recap Week 3 PMVB Season 1 PUBG Mobile

The match in week 3 of the PMVB Season has ended on Sunday 19 September 2022. This also indicates that the league phase of the PMVB Season 1 tournament has been completed and will be ready to face the Grand Final round.

Week 3 some time ago was the determination of who would qualify for the Grand Final round. The battle that lasted for 3 days has ended and here are the results.

Day 1

The AE Dione team managed to dominate the other teams, with the proven success of the AE Dione team overtaking their rivals for the first day of the 3rd week.

Here are the teams that won Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on the first day of Week 3.

The first round was won by the ADT Viper team which made the team break their eggs for WWCD.

For round 2, the qualifier team Grimz Onyx won on the Erangel map.

Round 3 was won by AE Dione for the Miramar map.

Round 4 and 5 were won by the DU Lynx team for the Miramar and Sanhok maps.

The 6th round of bonus rounds was won by the UNF Navin team.

Day 2

Team AE Dione and ONIC Ax became the superior team for the second day. Both teams managed to get WWCD 2 times. Then the C9 team won WWCD in the 3rd week this time and made this team qualify for the Grand Final round.

ONIC Ax won WWCD for round 1 of the Sanhok map and round of 4 for the Miramar map.

Similar to ONIC Axe, AE Dione’s team won 2 WWCDs in the Miramar map round 2 and the Erangel map round 5.

Round 3 was successfully won by C9 team for the Sanhok map, finally C9 managed to enter the Grand Final round after winning the Round match.

The bonus round was won by KUTE Insomnious and so the Flying Horse team managed to get their first WWCD.

Day 3

The ADT Viper team and BNW Radiance managed to perform brilliantly by winning 2 WWCD on day 3. Followed by ONIC Ax and BNF Artemis who won Winner Winner Chiken Dinner on day 3 of Week 3 PMVB Season 1 this time.

Round 1 and 5 were successfully obtained by the ADT Viper team, they managed to conquer Map Miramar and Sanhok. ADT Viper managed to increase their WWCD acquisition to 3 times.

Round 2 and bonus round 6 were successfully obtained by the BNW team which was the same as the ADT Viper team getting their WWCD in a day.

Round 3 BNF Artemis team won WWCD for the Erangel map

The fourth round this time was successfully obtained by the top of the ONIC Ax standings.

Weekly Standing Week 3

That’s the recap of the PMVB Season 1 Week 3 tournament league. The ONIC Esports team managed to top the standings by defeating AE Dione and BTR Ace. Then how will their actions in the Grand Final event from 24 to 26 September 2022 later? We’ll just have to wait for their action there.