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Recap Week 3 Day 1 PMVB Season 1 PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile Valkyrie Battleground (PMVB) Ladies Tournament Season 1 Week 3 has now started. The AE Dione team is back at the top of the day 1 Week 3 League PMVB Season 1.

PUBG Mobile Valkyrie Battleground (PMVB) is a special PUBG Mobile tournament for the ladies team. After being absent, the ladies’ tournament finally returned to greet with a new name.

Interestingly, PMVB Season 1 has implemented a tournament format like 2022 PMPL ID last Spring.

The calculation of points in this competition uses a Bonus Points system which will be awarded to each team according to the final ranking in the weekly standings.

The application of a tournament format like this has proven to be effective in making tournaments more competitive. That’s because each team will be made to play consistently every week in order to earn big weekly points.

Recap Week 3 Day 1 PMVB Season 1 PUBG Mobile

Friday (17/6) the first match day of Week 3 League PMVB Season 1 was held. As a result, the PUBG Mobile AE Dione team managed to master the first day for week 3.

League round matches where 20 teams play 6 rounds each day. Each team from each group gets the opportunity to play for 5 rounds.

The ADT team managed to open the round on the first day of Week 3 PMVB Season 1 by winning their first WWCD on the Erangel map with a total of 8. The ADT team managed to break eggs after 3 weeks of the PMVB tournament.

The second round was successfully won by the qualifier team Grimz Onyx. In the second round on Map Erangel, the Grimz Onyx team managed to beat AE and Onic in 2nd and 3rd place. With these results, Grimz Onyx managed to occupy 11th place in the standings for Day 1 Week 3 PMVB Season 1.

The 3rd round was won by Alter Ego Dione for the Miramar map. Alter Ego Dione was able to get a total of 14 eliminations, thereby establishing AE Dione to top the PMVB Season 1 tournament standings this time.

Back to back WWCD was obtained by the DU ladies team by dominating the 4th and 5th round matches for the Sanhok and Miramar maps. With this acquisition, the DEWA United team managed to get a total of 5 WWCDs and placed 5th in the standings.

And the bonus round was successfully obtained by the UNF team with a total of 10 eliminations. The Unfaedah team managed to occupy the 4th position of the standings with a total of 352 points, chasing the Onic team and being followed by Dewa United.

With these results, the AE Dione team managed to top the standings after passing their rival BTR ACE, where BTR ACE itself only got a total of 6 points on the first day of week 3 PMVB Season 1 this time.