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Reasons Helcurt Must Pick in Rank Mobile Legends (ML)

Here are some reasons why Helcurt is really mandatory for you to pick when playing Mobile Legends rank, the most effective hero to kill.

Helcurt is one of the forgotten heroes in Mobile Legends even though his abilities are terrible and can compete with the current top junglers.

But for some reason players are still reluctant to use it and choose another hero as a jungler.

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Therefore, SPIN Esports has several reasons why you must pick Helcurt in the Mobile Legends (ML) rank.

Counter for Cores

Hero Jumpscare mobile legends
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The main reason is that Helcurt is the natural counter for core heroes in Mobile Legends, be it midlaner, goldlaner and even jungler, all of which are easily countered by Helcurt.

All of that thanks to Helcurt’s silence which is quite troublesome and makes the enemy helpless when exposed to his silence skill.

Good Mobility

Mobile legends strongest hero
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The second reason is that his mobility is very good, even the best among other junglers. He has the mobility of his 1st and 3rd skills which makes Helcurt so special.

He can easily chase the opponent or run away from the opponent thanks to this skill.

Very Strong in Early

sick hero season 18 mobile legends

Having skill 2 that can produce very large damage makes Helcurt quickly farm, kill and take objectives quickly.

That’s what makes Helcurt very strong in the early game and is a snowball hero.

Those are some reasons why you have to pick Helcurt when playing rank in MLBB.

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