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Raditya Dika Reveals the Price of Donkey's GPX Watch, Reaches Billions of Rupiah!

Raditya Dika Reveals the Price of Donkey’s GPX Watch, Reaches Billions of Rupiah!

It’s undeniable that you are now a pro player or athlete esports become one of the jobs that young people dream of today.

Especially now that the industry is growing very rapidly and other industries are ready to take part in this development.

Fantastic salary for both the players and streamer working in the world esports certainly not impossible for them to be able to afford luxury goods.

This is also experienced by Yurino “Donkey“The son who was a former pro player of EVOS Legends who was also founder from GPX Esports.

He himself is noted to have several luxury collections ranging from watches to even shoes whose value is fantastic.

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Price of Donkey Watches Reaches Billions

Donkey Watch Price

Apart from being a person who loves gamesinterestingly Donkey has another side as a fan of luxury watches.

Through a casual chat with Raditya Dika, he shared stories about his hobby, which often owns the luxury watch of his dreams.

In fact, he also has several watches at very fantastic prices and disclosed directly to Raditya Dika.

“The price now is Rp. 1.4 billion (for Audemars Piquet 15202),” Donkey said.

Apart from owning the Audemars Piquet 15202, Donkey also turns out to have other luxury watches that are no less fantastic in price.

“The price (Patek Phillipe Nautilus 5711) is quite different from Rp. 400 million from the previous one, yes Rp. 1.8 billion,” he added.

This is of course a very fantastic number so that when calculated, the two watches reach Rp. 3.2 billion.

So, that’s the price of the watch from GPX Donkey which was revealed directly by Raditya Dika.

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