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R7 Getting Married? Replaced by RRQ Banana Mobile Legends (ML)

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament is entering its fourth week. There have been changes that have occurred with the transfer of existing updates. this time R7 Will Marry? Replaced by RRQ Banana Mobile Legends (ML)

After the third week match of MPL ID Season 10 here, the performance of RRQ Hoshi was quite disappointing with 2 defeats in their matches against Evos and Rebellion.

This time RRQ Hoshi made a change by bringing RRQ Banana into the MPL squad. Of course, we will discuss this this time in the article below, see the following.

R7 Getting Married? Replaced by RRQ Banana Mobile Legends (ML)

Some time ago, in their official Teamrrq account posting, they promoted Banana into the MPL squad together with RRQ Hoshi. Banana is an Explaner along with RRQ Sena at MDL, so is Banana’s arrival a replacement for R7. Because many rumors say that soon R7 will get married and the figure of Banana may be one of his successors.

Through the livestream of Mobile Legends streamers such as Xin, Luminaire, Masha, Doyok and LJ. According to Xin and Luminaire they guessed that R7 would get married soon.

“But I guess R7 was close to getting married, guys, I guessed it.” Say Xin

“Indeed he wants to get married, already bought his house.” Reply Luminaire

According to the pro players, the closest possible R7 will be getting married. So with that, the RRQ Hoshi team has also prepared new players to be a layer in RRQ Hoshi’s own Explaner.

That’s the explanation about RRQ Banana is a replacement figure for R7 who will soon get married. What do you think about this, will R7 get married in the near future?