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Quite Popular Last Season, This MLBB Hero Doesn't Sell in MPL ID Season 10!

Quite Popular Last Season, This MLBB Hero Doesn’t Sell in MPL ID Season 10!

Even though it’s only been two weeks, it doesn’t hurt to discuss a little about the popular heroes in MPL ID Season 10.

One of the highlights was the arrival of the Faramis revamp, which turned out to be liked and even became a favorite for picks and tires in MPL ID Season 10.

Faramis is the players’ favorite midlaner because the Cult Altar (Ultimate) is really annoying and makes players seem to have two lives.

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Regarding the midlaner role, there is one hero who was so popular last season but didn’t sell for two weeks of MPL ID Season 10. Can anyone guess the hero?

Hero Doesn’t Sell MPL ID Season 10

Counter Xavier
Photo via Novazenn

The hero is Xavier, the Mage OP hero in the previous patch. For MPL ID Season 10 to week 2, Xavier has only been picked twice and of course quite different from last season, which was almost always the choice.

He got a decent nerf in the new patch and made him less ogled as a Midlaner in this 10th season.

But maybe that’s not the only cause of Xavier’s inability to sell, because it’s proven that the midlaner picks this time are more sustaining, that’s why we often see Faramis being released with Valentina.

These two heroes are strong enough because even if they are in a fight, Valentina can certainly copy Faramis’ ultimate so that both teams have the deadly Cult Altar.

That was one MLBB hero that did not sell well in MPL ID Season 10 even though last season was a priority pick and could be considered as one of the winning heroes.

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