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Qiqi Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material

Genshin Impact released a variety of new, very cool patches for you to find in the game. Even the presence of the Qiqi Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material, you can immediately find out so you can be more prepared. Moreover, Qiqi is a Rate off character that Travelers often get, so maybe you can collect it first.

There are a lot of events that appear in Genshin Impact, which will definitely give you cool prizes. So that we are also interested in having these gifts, so that we will have a cool main prize like this that is very useful for you to use.

Seeing the Sequence of the Genshin Impact Character Banner itself, there are already many, given the appearance in each of the latest updates. It makes us curious about some of the patch updates that have appeared, so we will remember what Banner the first time we played on.

Then for the Qiqi Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material, be your preparation when you get it. Later if we really plan to use Qiqi, we can immediately raise the Ascension level very easily.

Qiqi Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material

Qiqi is a DPS Support character who provides Healing using his Elemental Skill and Burst when fighting. The healing itself depends on the Attack Qiqi has, those of us who like must collect Qiqi Character Ascension Materials first.

Qiqi Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material

Travelers can immediately collect Qiqi Character Ascension Materials that are already available in the game, making it even easier. Even for something like this, a traveler will have no trouble finding it because Qiqi has a Passive to find Liyue Region Materials.

Raising the level of Qiqi’s own Ascension Character will make him stronger, not easily defeated in a party. Because by reaching the Max Level, travelers can increase their Talent Level to the last level.

The following are Qiqi Character Ascension Materials that you must collect first:

Materials To Level Up Character Qiqi:

  • Hoarfrost Core (From Cryo Regisvine): 46 Fruits
  • Shivada Jade (Cryo): Sliver 1, Fragment 9, Chunk 9 and Gemstone 6
  • Violetgrass: 168 Fruits
  • Divine Scroll: 18
  • Sealed Scroll: 30
  • Forbidden Curse Scroll: 36
  • Ascension Raise Price: 420,000 Mora
  • Book For Level Up: 419 Hero Wit
  • Total Mora for Level Up: 1,672,000 Mora

Talent Level Up Material for Qiqi:

  • Teaching Of Prosperity: 9
  • Guide To Prosperity: 63
  • Philosophies Of Prosperity: 114
  • Divine Scroll: 18 Items
  • Sealed Scroll: 66 Items
  • Curse Scroll: 93 Items
  • Crowns: 3 Pieces
  • Tail of Boreas: 18 Pieces (Andrius Boreas Boss)
  • Total Mora Level Up Talent: 4,957,500

Qiqi is a 5-star character who is a zombie with the body of a child, working at Bubu Pharmacy with Dr Baizhu who takes care of her. Qiqi used to have a sad story, where in fact she was killed because she was looking for flowers and fell from a cliff.

Qiqi Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material

Not expecting when looking for Flowers, it turns out that the Adepts are also doing battle with monsters. However, because the effect was indeed large enough that Qiqi fell and died, when in this state Qiqi wanted to freeze Time and her Vision Cryo to appear.

As a Support character related to the Attack, you can even use it on Off Fields and heal very well. Gives the Cryo effect also to the opponent when hit by his Elemental Skill and Burst.

Immediately, we just collect the Qiqi Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material, you won’t be confused anymore to collect it. My Esports advice is to be patient when looking for a Violetgrass, because it is located on a high cliff and you have to climb up.

Then you can also try a very strong Qiqi Sub DPS + Healer Genshin Impact Build, can have very strong healing items later. It won’t be too difficult to give full HP to the Party with a build like this.